Apologies to all visitors to my site: This message is only to the people who want to interfere with a site that is not and has not and will not have any means or give any reason to interfere with this site for money: NOTE: There is no transaction through any means to obtain or receive any payment or money through any avenue from anyone. This is a Notification site only as the sites name states: Wis: What’s-In-Store.]

Welcome to Wiswhatsinstore.com: This site is for Notifications only to what’s in your Store that you would like to advertise Locally, Nationally, and or Internationally in Real Time.

Wiswhatsinstore.com is another mobile advertising app created by Warren Edser. Warrenedsersapps are a mobile, desktop  advertising platform for advertising your product, message, or event in “REAL TIME”. No more waiting for tomorrow when the unexpected has happened due to weather or an event time change – “REAL TIME” advertising for that hourly discount or only for those 4 day sales. Warrenedsersapps can be personalized for your Business or for Personal use. Have you got a Talent that you want to known? Think what you can do with an app that not only is shown Locally, Nationally, or Internationally in “One day” but in REAL TIME -24 hours a day, 7 Days a week, 365 Days a year, what it can do for you personally or for your business-Locally, Nationally, or Internationally.

With our many avenues and contacts with different stores, we seek to provide Specials, Discounts, and where there is a 4 Day Sale like Rivers, Waynes World, The Reject Shop, a Garage Sale etc your advertisement is being advertised through the many apps that we have Locally, Nationally, and Worldwide. Our coverage is that large and in places that you can get your foot in to sell your product where you can reach the consumer in REAL TIME- in that very hour or so.

Many times if you want to advertise or move a product, the consumer has to see the advertisement to act upon it.
The consumer has to watch that specific program or channel, or find your advertisement amongst thousands of other business products and catalogs and where there is wet weather, well, you can say goodbye to your advertising money as most times the advertisement to the consumer gets wet and where does it go – into the bin.

We have worldwide advertising in our mobile apps and at the touch of your finger you can make changes to your advertisement 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week, 365 Days a year, anytime you wish. Just think of the potential and convenience to you?

Why wait for tomorrow to advertise when you can do it yourself, Today for Today- it’s just “Real Time”.

This is the 21st century of advertising and it’s going to get better.

Thank you all for your valuable time.

Click here and see wis-whatsinstore.

The link for you to download Wiswhatsinstore app will be provided shortly.

This introduction to wiswhatsinstore.com one mobile app was brought to by Warren Edser. Your app maker.